QUADRO's world-renowned durability

3 Years Guarantee

QUADRO comes with a 3-year guarantee — that’s how confident we are in its quality. QUADRO components have been known to last for decades. Incidentally, all QUADRO products are produced, assembled, stored and distributed worldwide from here in Germany.

Wondering how QUADRO performs outdoors? Keep reading.

UV Resistant

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays will fade colours. Worse, it can cause plastic to lose its original properties and become brittle. QUADRO is fully dyed through the entire material thickness to withstand UV influences over many years. Note the care tips in the FAQ.

QUADRO UV Resistant

Chlorine and salt water resistant

Thanks to high-quality plastics, QUADRO can be used without restriction in chlorine or salt water. So you can let QUADRO stay in the water longer and wear those prune hands with pride. Note the care tips in the FAQ.

QUADRO Water Resistant

Tried & Tested

There are few toys which can withstand their owners for very long.

Throwing, stomping, bashing and biting, kids don’t consider the durability of the things they play with — and they shouldn’t have to. That’s a grown-up worry and with QUADRO you don’t have to!

Since 1979, our best product testers have put QUADRO to the test in every way imaginable. Even Cita the Elephant can attest to that!

Learn more about us and the history of QUADRO here!