frequently asked questions

  • How do I interpret the QUADRO age recommendations?

    Basically, QUADRO age recommendations are there to help give you to general indication of how long the product will be interesting for your child, in terms of scale and complexity. We assume models have to be a bit more complex and larger for a 6 year old compared to 2 year old. QUADRO can be changed again and again, without additional purchase, and it’s also important to note all QUADRO products are fully compatible with one another, so you can easily extend QUADRO. QUADRO’s many enhancements, such as the wheels, water slides or pools to help keep the level of complexity and diversity at the level of your child’s abilities, For example, adding a slide to a cubby house.
    With QUADRO the possibilities are almost limitless.

  • How can I increase the slipperiness of QUADRO slides?

    Regular care of the slide is very important. We encourage using a protectant product to care for your QUADRO slide (the type often used for vehicle interiors and available at most hardware stores). The protectant spray reduces abrasion thus extending the life of your slide. The clothing of your children also plays an important role. Incidentally, you get maximum slide fun with the use of the water connection! Just watch the following video:

  • Which parts do I need for a QUADRO slide?

    A QUADRO Modular Slide and Curved slide consists of a body, frame and special screws. Refer to the Slide Parts section of our shop for details:

    It is always more cost-effective to purchase a complete slide set – Curved Slide (10020) / Modular Slide (10010) because the combined sum of the parts is a discounted price.

    The Integrated slide is different as it only consists of a single piece that is attached without screws.

  • How do I get affix the slide screw (00623)?

    Fixing the long slide screw (00623) is designed to be a tight fit (much tighter than a normal screw) and can therefore be a bit tricky. Make sure all the components are aligned (slide body, runout and tube). As an alternative to the QUADRO key, a large flat head screwdriver may be used, we recommend wrapping a piece of cloth/fabric over the end to provide a snugger fit and prevent the screw from being chewed. It helps if one person aligns the slide parts while the other person fixes the slide screw.

  • Where can I find the QUADRO computer program to open models from the model database?

    A free download for the QUADRO computer program can be found in the download section of our website. Just go to the following link: Once installed you can open, view, modify or extend all QDF files (QUADRO Design Files) from the model database. Please note that the QUADRO computer program is currently only available for Windows operating systems including Windows 10. With the QUADRO computer program you can build unlimited models such as game castles and climbing towers. Textiles, slides, pools, etc. are already included as extensions in the QUADRO computer program.

  • Is the Climbing Pyramid compatible with all QUADRO products?

    Yes, the Climbing Pyramid uses exactly the same QUADRO parts as any other QUADRO product. All products from the QUADRO store are fully compatible with the Climbing Pyramid, so if you already have a climbing frame made of QUADRO, you can always combine it with the Climbing Pyramid and vice versa.

    The Upgrade Kit was specifically designed the with Climbing Pyramid kit in mind.

    The Climbing Pyramid is also fully supported by the new model database. By the end of 2018, we plan to release over 400 designs.

  • Do you need panels for the QUADRO Climbing Pyramid?

    No. The concept of the Climbing Pyramid kit is to specifically target children’s desire to climb freely. The use of panels can limit and restrict this which is why we chose not to include them in Climbing Frame kit. However, we understand children have different needs and wants and that you know your child best. It is therefore perfectly possible to add panels (or any other QUADRO product) to the Climbing Frame kit.

  • Does QUADRO suffer from splintering or corrosion like wooden or metal climbing frames?

    No. QUADRO doesn’t splinter like wood, or rust/corrode like metal. Furthermore, QUADRO play equipment provides strength and durability but without the weight of metal or wood, and it can also be cleaned easily with any standard household detergents so it’s also very easy to maintain. Incidentally, your QUADRO is fully recyclable and lasts for many years.

  • Can I combine the Integrated Slide with another QUADRO slide or slide runout?

    No. Unlike the Modular and Curved slides the Integrated Slide is a single piece and can not be extended with any other slide, or slide runout. However, the Integrated Slide is very strong, easy to fit and maintain (it doesn’t require screws etc).

  • How long does it take to build and rebuild a QUADRO model?

    It depends – on the size and complexity of the model you’re building and you’re level of experience with QUADRO. Naturally, as you become more familiar with QUADRO and learn to think in “QUADRO 3D”, every model conversion will be faster and more orderly than the previous one. If you needed 3 hours to build your first UNIVERSAL model the second construction will take approximately half the time (plus about 15-30min to disassemble the first model). Construction is a bit part of the QUADRO fun (for parent and child), Professionals need less than an hour to build a UNIVERSAL model, but the fun is absent. Rather than rush we strongly recommend allocating plenty of time to enjoy the whole activity together, for example, for half a day on the weekend.

  • How often do I have to rebuild my QUADRO, every year?

    You can rebuild your QUADRO whenever you want. Generally it will be based on how long the initially constructed model is interesting for your children. Simply ask your children what they want to try, you can visit the model database at and then build it together. You may also want to consider and accommodate your child’s development when building a new model. For example, incorporate a longer baby-slide, add a second level or have 45cm steps instead of 15cm steps. This is how QUADRO is much cheaper in the long run than other toys.

  • Where can I find the water connection with a curved, modular or integrated slide?

    The water connection is located at the back in the upper area of the slide. It is a non-threaded connection over which you simply slip your water hose over it. If the connection is too loose, you can use a hose clamp (available at the hardware store etc) to improve the fit of the hose.

  • What are the dimensions / length of the different QUADRO slides?

    The dimensions / length of the QUADRO actual slides are as follows:

    Curved slide: 125x 85x 90cm
    Modular slide: 165x 48x 90cm
    Integral slide: 140x 50x 95cm

    The length the child slides down are approximately the same for all slides.

  • Are the large construction kits all expandable?

    I would like to put a climbing frame in the garden for our 2 small children and in the nursery in winter. The children are 12 and 24 months old.

    Yes, all QUADRO construction kits are 100% fully combinable and expandable. 12 and 24 months is a perfect age for QUADRO because the pipes are warm and the panels flex when falling, but do not break. A QUADRO model will also grow with your children and is a more cost-effective, smarter purchase in the long run compared to many disposable climbing frames.

  • Up to what age can my children use QUADRO?

    You can easily play on QUADRO up to the age of 8 years. Experience has shown that children climb and play very actively with QUADRO up to this age. From the age of 8, children want to build models themselves for other practical purposes like a bookshelf or a table and chairs for a children’s party. There’s almost no limit to when QUADRO can be used.

  • Why am I having difficulty taking apart my model?

    Normally QUADRO is as easy to take apart as it is to build. However, it can become more difficult under certain circumstances. For example:
    • If it hasn’t been taken apart for years
    • If it has been left in all kinds of weather
    • If it was constructed in a sandy area

    This problem is reversible. We recommend the following:
    • The day before taking it apart, hose the model down with water.
    • Take the model apart around midday when the outdoor temperature is peaking.
    • If after the above steps certain components remain difficult to disassemble, use a mild liquid lubricant from a spray bottle to reduce the friction between components. Give them a little shake and turn to distribute the lubricant.
    • Be sure to use a key that gets good torque on the screw.
    • Next, remove all screws from the model. Only then begin to remove the pipes from the connectors.
    • Once the model is completely disassembled, give all components a thorough cleaning to remove any dirt/sand, moss/grass, etc.
    • Damaged components should be replaced with new ones. You can purchase individual QUADRO components here. The age of your kit does not matter as original components from 1979 are still compatible with todays.

  • QUADRO fade in the sun?

    QUADRO is treated with an ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer for protection against the sun and its effects on colour. However, nothing can resist the sun’s power indefinitely. Over enough time QUADRO will slowly begin to lose its shine. We have customers who have kept original sets from the 80s outdoors for over 15 years. The components were still red, but dull rather than shiny.

  • Why do I see white streaks in a component?

    This is called “stress whitening” and is a normal side effect of the plastics used by QUADRO (polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE)). Over-stressing a component can cause discoloration. This is unavoidable. However, this is only cosmetic damage — the component is still structurally sound and can remain in use.
    Note: Our 3 year guarantee covers damaged or broken components and not cosmetic wear.

  • Can I use QUADRO in chlorine or salt water?

    Yes. QUADRO is made from polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which are resistant to salt, acids and bases, grease and detergents. Of course, exposing QUADRO to chlorine or salt water means its shine will fade earlier than usual.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    • PAYPAL Payment Processing
    • Credit Card (via PayPal Payment Gateway)
    • Direct Bank Transfer
    • AfterPay
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  • How much does delivery cost?

    We offer cheap home delivery via courier Australia-wide (excluding offshore and some remote locations).
    You can calculate Shipping by simply entering your state and full postcode during the order process.

    The courier company will only attempt to deliver orders once. A “Second Delivery” attempt will incur additional costs which will be charged to the customer. To avoid additional charges we strongly advise you either:

    a). Arrange a delivery address where the order can be definitely be received and signed for:

    • Anyone 18yrs or over can sign for the delivery e.g. yourself, neighbour, work colleague etc.
    • Shipping Address does not have to be your residential address e.g. workplace, friend, neighbour etc.
      A street address must be provided, PO Boxes can not be used.

    b). Request ‘Authority to Leave’ when placing the order;

    • The consignment will be left at the designated Shipping Address without requiring a signature.
    • There must be a safe place to leave the consignment. Please note packages large – refer to specific product packaging dimensions

    We will also contact you once you have placed your order to confirm the shipping details and minimise the chance of a failed delivery. You will also be provided with a consignment number and the ability to track and trace your delivery.

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  • What is your returns policy?

    Please read our Returns Policy contained within our terms and conditions for full information. It explains very important purchasing, shipping, warranty and return policy information to which you must agree before we can ship your play equipment. To view our Returns Policy click here.