QUADRO STARTER - Climbing Frame



14 Designs

Everyone catches it eventually QUADRO fever!

The STARTER Kit consists of 200 parts with 14 model designs to build. It is a great introduction to QUADRO, providing children the opportunity to exercise their creativity and imagination, as well as their bodies.

Children and adults alike can design, plan and build together, creating models such as a climbing frame, cubby house, play theatre, shop counter and cavern.

Bundle the STARTER Kit with a MODULAR SLIDE or a CURVED SLIDE and save money!

Plan and create full size QUADRO models in small scale with the miniQUADRO STARTER.

Additional Info:

  • Age recommendation: 12mths+
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expandable & Re-configurable
  • UV Stabilised / UV Resistant
  • Made in Germany
  • Environmentally friendly / recyclable

Also included:

  • QUADRO Model Construction Handbook
  • QUADRO Safety Instructions / Tips
  • QUADRO Multimedia CD-ROM
  • View example constructions via the QUADRO Mdb (Model Database)


  • Use under the direct supervision of an adult
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100 kg
  • Caution, small parts! There is the danger of swallowing and thus risk of asphyxiation
  • Free of PVC, BPA and PAH

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10 reviews for STARTER

  1. Erin McSorley

    We bought the Starter Kit for our 2 and a half year son, so far we are absolutely loving it. He loves to climb and has lots of energy so we wanted something that would keep him busy and he wouldn’t lose interest in. The Quadro is so versatile, so far we have built the ramp, the castle and the cavern, he has loved all of them. Able to swing and climb on them as well as use the ramp as a slide for himself and various toys! It also makes a great den if you chuck a sheet over the top! Great for imagination play as well. We have been using it outside and it is easy to carry inside if its too hot or raining. So easy to build, pull apart, move around and re assemble, he also enjoys building the designs with us. I have just discovered the app and look forward to discovering some new designs and adding extras to ours later on to make cars and planes. Heaps of information in the app and website, lots of ideas and designs.
    Postage was super quick and customer service excellent.
    Thank you, looking forward to lots of fun years with our Quadro!

  2. Ingrid

    Just received the QUADRO starter kit for our Grandson’s first birthday. My children had something similar which they played with for years. After much searching we discovered Creative Kids Play. The set is terrific and our kids took over building heaps of amazing configurations for the toddler to enjoy. Tunnels, cubbies – all having a ball with it.

    The service was terrific from Kristian and we are so pleased we found the site.

  3. Louise Williams

    We just purchased the QUADRO Starter Kit and our nearly 4 year old and 18 month old boys are loving it! I love how the levels are small enough that our 18mo can climb up independently but it is still challenging enough for our nearly 4yo who climbs and swings all, over it like a monkey! It’s easy to put together and take apart and I love that when they are getting tired of it we can make something else and get them interested again. And they enjoy helping put it together as well. It’s also very easy to bring inside on a hot or wet day, great for burning off energy!

    There are instructions for permanent anchoring but we don’t want to fix it in place permanently. However, it’s cheap and easy to temporarily anchor it to the grass using cable ties and using tent pegs. Customer service has been great and postage was fast. We will probably buy some extra parts to increase the starter kits capabilities. Overall a great product, I would recommend it!

  4. Kelly

    Thanks for our QUADRO Starter Kit! Delivery was quick, absolutely brilliant service (I even received a phone call from them after delivery to check that all was ok!) and the starter kit has been used by our son everyday since we got it! We are even considering buying another kit so we can have endless fun creating things. We originally got the QUADRO kit as my husband had fond memories of using it when he was young… I think it’s a great investment – it’s not only great physical play equipment but also mentally stimulating for little brains as they can be creative and make new designs out of it. Many thanks 🙂

  5. Dani Young

    I just wanted to say thank you for the Starter Package. Purchase and Delivery was super easy and very smooth. Growing up with Quadro and seeing now our 20 month old son playing with it (and secretly us too) is a pure joy. It’s wonderful to see that the fun factor and the quality of the product are still the same. It is very good for early child education but also for burning off some energy. We definitely would recommend it!

  6. Lee

    Kristian was a great help when we were having difficulty completing the order online. Fast delivery and well packaged. So easy to use even our toddler can help put the tubes in place. Quality made and plenty of fun! Great for indoor and outdoor play.

  7. Anna Osland

    We ordered the QUADRO Starter kit for our 1.5 and 4.5 year old boys for Christmas. They both LOVE it! They get some use out of it most days and my now 5 year old loves helping us to create new shapes and designs. It’s very sturdy and of excellent quality! It’s extremely light which means we often move it in and outside on a regular basis depending on the size of our creation and the weather. We have just recently purchased the Climbing Pyramid to start making more designs. We love how you can keep building and adding to the QUADRO and how it can grow with your children. Customer service was fantastic – delivery was quick and the database is so handy to help you build new designs. Highly recommend!

  8. Kate (verified owner)

    We love this, my son (3years) just loves all the different combination that can be made and I enjoy building.
    This can be used both inside, and outside.

    So as winter comes around great for play houses.

    Highly recommend.

  9. Chris R

    Hey everyone! Our purchase of two starter packs has been the perfect way to introduce our grandkids to Quadro. Their imagination has turned the structure into a Castle, a rocket, a shop, a truck… The ideas are endless.
    Not to mention the physical aspects of gymnastics too.
    Cheers ??

  10. Rosanna (verified owner)

    I bought a starter kit when the march covid lock down started & its been a lifesaver. My 3yo & 1yo both love climbing it and when they get bored, they choose a new design and we build something new.
    Best investment.

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