QUADRO Home Action Kit Parts



The HOME ACTION KIT is a 67 piece expansion kit including roof textiles, storage bag, panels, pipes, couplings, screws, wrenches.

The HOME ACTION KIT is a great addition to your QUADRO makes every giant construction kit even more versatile. For example, it can transform the STARTER Kit into a cute little house in an instant.

Create completely closed-in designs like a cubby house or cave by using the nine 40x40cm panels and roof textile included.

The QUADRO roofing textile is easily fixed ¬without screws providing immediate access to your child! The floor of the house can also be completely lined with panels, so there’s no problem using it on dirty or wet floors. Another feature of the HOME ACTION KIT is the storage bag which can be used to store toys or other play equipment for your child.


8 kg

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